164 is developing group of independent bakeries and coffee shops with a focus on ciabatta and focaccia sandwiches


Ever since its inception in 1994, the name ‘164’ has been associated with ‘a good sandwich’

  • We bake our own bread, every day, with just 5 ingredients: water, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, flour and salt.
  • This bread forms the basis of our sandwich menu – all our sandwiches are in a hand made ciabatta or focaccia bread.
  • We choose our sandwich fillings based on one thing only – quality.
  • All of our sandwiches are fresh, every day, without fail, and never roll over to the next day.
  • Leftover sandwiches are donated to food and homeless charities.


Café 164, Munro House

The eat in, city centre 164 experience. On site ciabatta and focaccia bakery, those delicious sandwiches, with an additional focus on speciality coffee; it also houses The Gallery at 164, an independent art gallery and events space.

Bakery 164, Woodhouse Lane

The original take-away sandwich shop. On-site ciabatta and focaccia bread bakery, making the best sandwiches in Leeds. Small, busy, with masses of rotating sandwiches, made every day. A stalwart of the Leeds student experience.


We sell exciting and unusual sandwiches that are packed with flavour, texture and are hearty in size. Our flavour combinations are largely a mixture of Italian and Middle Eastern tastes, while also catering to traditional palates with more classically-oriented recipes.


We hand make ciabatta and focaccia bread every day in our bakery. Fresh, baked on-site and with no additives, enhancers or artificial flavourings. Left over bread is turned into delicious crostini – simply sliced and baked with sea salt, oil and rosemary; a complimentary offering while you wait for your coffee, or for your sandwich to be toasted.


At Café 164 in Munro House the focus is on light, seasonal blends which we rotate from guest roasters, while our house blend has been created to compliment our food offering. At Bakery 164 on Woodhouse Lane, we serve a dark Italian roast, specially crafted to traditional tastes.

Catering + Delivery

We offer a delivery and collection service of our sandwiches and cakes. We can cater for small or large groups, events, meetings and conferences, and will accommodate last-minute orders where possible.

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Sandwiches of the Week 17 - 22 February 2020 🙌🏼

Chorizo / Portobello Mushroom / Mozzarella / Potato Fritta / Roasted Red Pepper / Garlic Mayo/ Sundried Tomato + Red Pepper Pesto / Rocket

Goats' Cheese / Roasted Leek / Hazelnuts / Caramelised Union Chutney / Spinach

Thank you Rebecca! 🥰🥰🥰

Sandwiches of the Week 10 - 15 February 2020 🙌🏼

Hoisin Chicken / Sesame Seeds / Chilli / Spring Onion / Cucumber / Red Pepper / Spinach

Applewood Smoked Cheddar / Peanut Butter / Dry Roasted Peanuts / Potato / Red Pepper / Chilli Jam / Spinach

Sandwiches of the Week 3 - 8 February 2020 🙌🏼

This week we have the same amazing sandwich available with with either Chicken or Paneer for the Vegetarian option:

Madras Chicken or Paneer / Chilli Jam / Spinach / Sweet Potato Pakora


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164 currently has two shops in Leeds

Sandwiches and salads are also available to buy from Cielo’s on York Pace.

Catering and Delivery are available.

Café 164

Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds, LS9 8AG

The eat in, city centre 164 experience.

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Bakery 164

164 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9HB

The original take-away sandwich shop.

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