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Bread by Café 164
Bread by Café 164


We hand craft our ciabatta and focaccia bread

Made fresh, every day in our bakeries

Every evening we hand mix and hand shape our ciabatta and focaccia dough, to make all the bread that will be used the next day. It’s baked overnight so it’s fresh first thing for our sandwich production.

The recipe for our bread, which was first developed back in 1994, is simple, and designed primarily for one thing – to compliment a filling to make a great sandwich.

No Preservatives

Our bread contains just 5 ingredients (extra virgin olive oil, salt, water, yeast and flour). Our dough is hand mixed, and hand shaped into each individual sandwich, every day, by us.

85% Flour

Canadian strong white flour

6% Water

Good-old Yorkshire water

6% Olive Oil

Italian extra virgin olive oil

2% Yeast

Fresh yeast

<1% Sea Salt

A handful of sea salt

Ciabatta Loaf by 164


An Italian white bread, originating from Verona, Italy.

The ciabatta, or ‘slipper’ bread is young compared to the ancient focaccia – first produced in 1982, as a sandwich bread, or ‘panino’, it’s the Italian version of the French baguette.


A Northern Italian ‘flatbread’, in Ancient Rome, ‘panis focacius‘ was a flat-shaped bread baked on the hearth; the word is derived from the Latin “focus” meaning “hearth, place for baking”.

We make 2 types of focaccia at 164 – our sandwich focaccia – simply topped with rosemary and salt, and our colourful, hearty individual topped focaccias, covered with vegetables, cheeses, meats and fresh herbs.

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