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Attention to detail in the brewing process is at the heart of our coffee operation at Munro House. Ground in a Mythos 1 and made on a La Marzocco Linea PB, each shot is weighed and our baristas take pride in not only great flavour but also presentation.


For a quick coffee to take away with your sandwich or to start your day, 164 Woodhouse Lane is the place. Here we cater for straightforward tastes, so expect a dark roasted, traditional Italian coffee, made quickly and efficiently.

Munro House

We take pride in offering a speciality coffee experience. As much care will be taken with your coffee by our baristas as will be lavished on your sandwich in our kitchen. We have pour-over, V60, a rotation of seasonal guest coffee blends and also serve a selection of teas and hot chocolate. During the Summer months we have iced lattes and iced Americanos.

Woodhouse Lane

With a leaning towards to the traditional coffee culture of Italy, 164 Woodhouse Lane has a bar in the window just long enough to stand and enjoy a morning espresso, before the stampede for bread and sandwiches begins. With a demand that sometimes outstrips supply, the focus here is on the bread, the sandwiches, and pizzette and the focaccia. The traditional dark Italian roast is the coffee currency of 164 Woodhouse Lane.

Find Us

We are in the City Centre at Café 164, while Bakery 164 is opposite Leeds University.


Follow 164 on Twitter @cafe164 and @bakery164

Traders are all set up on old butchers row for today's Art House Art Fayre, come along and say hi 👇👇

Good Morning! We’d like to welcome Leeds to Lockdown! Please take care, and if you can, support your local hospitality venue. Get a takeout, order a starter AND a pudding.
If you are starting to think about Xmas maybe check out their Merch. Let’s look after each other. X

🍪Look, we're not saying you *should* have an almond cookie with your first coffee of the day but, you know, you COULD! Alternatively, we've got pastries and, if you're popping in for lunch, sandwiches! Open 9:30am - 3:30pm today 😊

Calling all students and freelance workers. You CAN sit with us 😊 Planning on spending some time working in our cafe? We'll set you up a tab and your first 30 min of wifi are free.

£5* min spend for every additional hour**

*£4 for students
**Min spend can be on anything

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Opening Hours

Monday 09.30 - 15.30
Tuesday 09.30 - 15.30
Wednesday 09.30 - 15.30
Thursday 09.30 - 15.30
Friday 09.30 - 15.30
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed